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28 Aug

Church of Spiritual Research
(This world is devoid of spirituality and the Church of Scientology is not tackling this at a level that can be appreciated at society level)

With the advent of abuses in the Church of Scientology and other practices I would like to open a Church that will draw upon these Mordern Spiritual Movements and New Religious Movement and attempt to move them forward, but with a built in checks and balances and to be stewarded by no less than the top 100 clergy men, each with a vote deciding the best humanitarian and honourable method with which to forward our means. And with each member also having a vote and say in the management of the Church. Every attempt should be made to keep buearucy at a mimimum, but sufficent organizations should be establish to manage the affairs of the members and provide services as is viable and needed. The will be no grandoise establishment of cermonies deifying anyone or anything unless an achievement is acheived for example peace on earth and this would be rightly celebrated and would perhaps become an anniversy event. If anyone wants to celebrate my birthday after i am gone then the message was missed – that is that you are a spirit and you will only discover more about this by your own search for and only suggested paths can be provided, for the rest you need to establish for yourself what is better able to help yourself and then other people as soon as you have spare available resources to do just that. A person will enter the church and agree to fall into one of two catergories, either the spend less than you make and adhere to the status quo more and the make more than you spend push the boundaries a bit brigade that has more of a sense of adventure.

Religion is a great idea and a needed one in a society while there are no hard and fast answers, so let’s set up a religion to discover the answers and say we don’t know but we sure as hell are looking, if you want to come and find out more and lend a hand.

As we have as yet no scriptures of our own, an immediate suggestion would be research into the writings of other New Religious Movements, I would suggest Scientologies but then I have a slight bised from my own upbring, but the establishment of the own churches scriptures should be a priority. A central research place should be established and be gotten to work quick to establish what different other fields exist between existing studies in to the mind and perhaps approach some of the researches about the idea of assisting us in our cause and invite to become part of the high clergy through proven example of an actual desire to help.

There should def be encouragement to have a very slight affluent demeanor about the Church and it’s members, never lavish to the extreme and never poor and no one member should ever be needie, any members whose honest contribution has helped the group should receive as much charity and financial support as is there due from help they have given. This is potentially a massive social security system. that people will want to contribute to cause guess what, bet it’s older members will have no trouble getting their messages – a safe channel for the common people to channel there efforts that they trust, have a say in, can ensure there is a voice on the world stage for themselves for human rights

There, must always be a transparent view of any finances the church handles on behalf of it parishoniers for a cause, and this will be subject to scrutiny and review on the basis of what is fair and orderly for the religion, but most importantly the betterment of society.

Any member participating may only do so as a fully concious and rational participant, if at any point any members feels they are being coearced into doing anything against there will then they must voice this concern and this must be given due care and concern. Any person wanting a Sabbatical, need simply ask, and should be given renumeration financialy in relation to their voluntary contribution. It should be also understood by all members that a cause does have expenses and needs managing and so yes there will be some forms of fund raising/donation for services, but these will be regularly reviewed and amended so the church has enough to function and provide for it’s voluntary members.

For a Religion to flourish it must have an inner cadre and this must be staffed with dedicated volunteers, but for the Church of Spiritual Research, this will be a dedicated open commune. It will be run as a tight ship and there should be instances of ‘tough ship’ bring the team together activities but this should be in a constructive manor and if the drills sgt says drop and give me twenty, then if your Mum calls your allowed to say sorry sarge, Mum’s calling got to go.

Now provision should be made for the church to defend itself from detractors.

The policy for this will be to attempt to pacify the situation as reasonable as possible and try and resolve all disputes with reason

Failing this, try and establish a live and let live attitude toward the leaving member and make sure that there are no untoward grievances or unthanked for contributions. A serverance pay should be negiotated and agreed upon and this should be already have set out when the member started. Policeies could be easily put in place to prevent any actual freeloading, as while the members could leave quite comfortably perhaps then it would have to be with thanks as the money they are taking will be from the pockets of the churches practitioners, so it should only be for actual contribution – again there can be an easy checks and balances put in place to ensure this is fair, agreed upon and reviewed as regularly as needed.

So a member leaving should be with no hard feelings either way between the cause or the departing member.

If all such actions are taking honestly and the departing member is still want to put public or legal pressure on the Church then the Church should be able to ask for a restraining order from that person and try to get this successfully.

No effort at all should be made by the Church to server is members connection to this leaving member. But should in actual fact see if they can somehow assist this person in their life in some way, unless they are asked by the detractor to not contact in which case they should immediately proceed to do so.

Now if in the event that the detractor uses existing connections to church members to become involved in Church affairs and then starts to cause damage or use these connections to cause harm then a right to dissconect should be referred to the top 100 clergy or deputy committees as can be reliable. The Church must always hold in the highest regards that a Family is the happiest and safest place a person can be and that connections with ones family are sacred and if a families involvement in the Church is causing a strain in the family then how it participates should be reviewed and assessed, this should be worked out amoung reasonable people, if it cant be and has to be referred to a committee, then it must be decided on what is best for all involved with particular to any younger members of the families involved.

In other words, the Church must go to massive lengths to prevent the situation arising that one person may be cut off from their family who are all still ‘in’ the church, while the church so at all times not be so much as in/out as that but anyway religions can have dedicated inner cadre and they may have a child that is for a unknown reason dead set against them and only in this one in a million blue moon type senario should dissconection be considered, but even then it should be reviewed in 6 months time and never be considered indefinite. As to repentance, if a detractor has done wrong to the church and wishes to come back they must only ask and sign a promisory saying they will honestly work to try and forward the decent spiritual goals of the group. Obviously if a person is continously leaving (with a cheque) and coming in to cause more harm again then leave again continously then such a members acceptance to the group would have to be with some conditions attached that are fair and ethical for all concerned.

This will hereafter be the Churches attitude towards families – a happy family is the greatest provider of spiritual joy available to any person anywhere and anything that intereferes with that is not something that is contributing to my society and so should thereafter be shunned. It should be the intention of every member of this church to try to forward it’s means to having a familal life that is a more spiritual one and not quite as materialsitic one – although no great value is put on being poor, the pursuit of excessive playboy type activities would be frowned upon if taken to the extreme. But other than that, live life as you see fit and join in as best you can. Drinking, drug use etc… should be viewed ok in their moderation with the odd acception obviously as long as it doesn’t set one back too much.

So we’re looking at a well to do, ethical, quite hardcore and extreme, but with checks and balances and obviously ruled by an ethical clergy of at least 100 proven members.

There will need to be an executive branch to face everyday challenges in running the church, this will be composed of members on known good repute, with high ethical standing and known as competant and able in their respective fields and they will achieve wonders I am sure and RHIP, if they do a job well then they get their just rewards.

This branch must be free to operate on a number of programs and must be able to do so with the financial banking it may need when it says it does, with a daily check and review between trusted members in a committee and if at any point the committee from the 100 clergy feel the executive branch is being extravagant then they can withhold funds, if the executive committee feel they are not being treated justly they have the right to retire, with full pension and their next in command should be well up for the spot if he has been trained well. The clergy would do well the bear in mind that it needs an executive branch that functions well for the Religion is a good thing and should only fully withold funds as a last resort but otherwise, decrease them if need be a little to let the executive branch it has to pull it’s socks up in some respects for a bean theory return, if a program isn’t producing results, it wont get anymore funding. So show some honest stats and you get paid.

Monies paid to this cause from members should be used in social betterment activities close to that member as is feasible, with two execeptions

– if the church is under going an international campaign and the member wishes to contribute knowing to this than that would be acceptable
– if there is a major disaster and the church responds with it’s own members then it has a right to use any amount of any members funds held by the group with a suitable review after the fact and if any member feels there funds have been misused then they should be recredited to their account and this would then be made up for from fund raising from other members.

The cause should only ever involve itself in money affairs as it should in order to assist it’s members achieve their goals, although dedicated members giving full time dedicated service to the cause will be entitled to financial recompense if they leave and this is justly due to them.

This is to be a cause for the people who want a better world for children, it needs to stand for freedom of speech and the right to protest against a goverment. But it has to be a church of the people for a cause of the people and subject to checks and balances and it has to be a force for a better more tolerant society and respect sexual preferences (But steer toward a happy family value enviroment with a couple having a natural child as the best way to do it)

We must respect and offer help to all other religuos causes for what they are doing to help the cause of man and try learn from them in the way their teachings have sometimes been put to destructive uses so we can avoid such paths ourselves and always there should be the over view of the 100 trusted clergies.

The Church should hereby stand up and say WAR is a no no. Our first policy and mission is to get war made illegal. Arms trade companies, if they are smart and retool quick can put their endeavors into more useful stuff and otherwise first and formost we go after war…. The world over, lets start a Religion that has as it’s only goal Stoping war! and it can thereafter dissolve or go on and do other things, but initially i would like to set up this religion to stop wars and i would like to draw from the Scriptures of LRH, and HH dala lama et all.

The expression the dala lama gave of compassion and how i have felt sometimes while doing scientology have been both the same as well as spending time with my daughter, i know what spirituality is. I have seen spirituality in my own life in many different ways and everyone else does to so we all know good from right, we all want to do more good than right really and the rest is all noise.

So lets establish a code of ethics we can all agree on.

Lets agree on some wholesome meditation to bring about more spirituality, let’s learn from the words of Hubbard as much as we can and also the dala lama let’s soak up all their information for our use and see how we ourselves can also push on man’s enlightment.

Bring about change in society so that our young one’s know we have not done a good job up to now and that we need their very help to make it better and seek advice from our young who have more spirituality than ourselves. Sorry our biggest ill is that we learn more ill as we live, we must trust our youth and the like of those who have kept themselves pure like the dala lama, but also have some back bone to stand by some cause, because the US goverment looks like it’s just going to go the whole nine yards and enslave us all!

We have to set up a religion or a quiet revolution of some sort to take control of things, I dont care who the leader is or what perks he gets I just want to see some shit getting done about here.

But we have to defend ourselves against the like of the recent bill passed in the US that we cant protest. We must always stand up for our right to free speech and protest, as we are a church of the people(with checks and balances).

Our Scriputres, will have one year to propose a draft and will start off with a look into L. Ron Hubbards work and thereafter take a look at buddism or others as they see fit and draw relevant conclusions for research.

The overseeing of this advacement can be trusted to a group of ethical men of known good repute, we can trust a panel of men of goodwill to decide on matters ethicaly and not by the rule of law because that is proving to be too ugly and the pursiut of romance is growing cheap then perhaps the time is right to reach for some spirituality that is governed by some checks and balances.

The final points are, it must be a given quest religion and and locus of control must stay with the individual himself and his involement should be rationale. If the movement develops an inner cadre who have then there intro to society and a method of informed consent should be considered and respected.

Regging/persuasion/coercion – the first course a person should do should be on entrapment vs empowerment as a means of control and how to not be controled. If through any religious cause a person will always in their heart feel it is the right thing to involve others and with enthusaism, this should not ever be to another persons detriment.

A person giving to the religion must do so in hours of volunteer work or money as they sey fit in such a way that is constructive to their own and then society

The church shall not involve itself in family affairs unless it is at the behest of family members and only with the intention to help the family resolve matters within and should only offer it’s help to the degree it can competently and honestly do this.

The church shall not involve itself in the financial affairs of it’s members or other entities unless it is at their behest and again only to the degree it can be of competent help.

The church shall not involve itself in any sexual preferences of acts of it’s members unless such activities are causing duress to another member and this should be dealt with in as constructive a way as possible. Any sexual activity involving prepubesent members shall be considered a perversion and anyone of adolsent age or above trying to do so shall be defrocked and given an amends project and thereafter shall not be left with minors unsupervised, if the severity of the act warrants it this can be an unlimited amends project and the no unsupvised contact with minors could be infinite.

Love and sex are beautiful in their nature and can be adventerous but should always be for the benifit for all involved and abuses of this should be of higher paramount than age and a resolution of it’s current perversions in society should be high on the agenda to address, but only with members willing to be involved in such a program.

For any member joining the first matter is to sort out their lives financially and give them a program to do this successfully so they are spending less than they are making, this is goal number one, remove the pressure of funding alife style that is not nessecary and get the pennies pilling up in the bank first for a year or two and then go from there, like pay in for an introductory course. If as a person advances he is made more competant and is able to pay in more in thanks because of his advancement then this would be all acceptable – he should never have to pay in specified donations for any spiritual help, these will be given if a member want them and donations would be appreciated from parishonishers.


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28 Aug

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